Lissy is a true healer!


I encourage my friends to see Lissy and the fact that every one of them has thanked me is the best testament I can give. She's skilled and compassionate.


Lissy is a true gem. She really knows a ton about her craft, and promotes health and wellbeing, as well as giving a great therapeutic massage! She is passionate about helping and increasing her patients' quality of life. She is able to treat a variety of health conditions safely and effectively, including sports injuries, pregnancy and post-partum, whiplash, postural concerns, stress, headaches, low back pain. Highly recommended!


One of the absolute best in the city! I've sent all of my friends to her, including my sister who is postpartum, and had chronic neck pain... guess what! gone in one session. Highly recommend!


I went to see Lissy for a chronic frozen shoulder issue. She explained in detail what she was going to do and why. She has strong yet sensitive hands. I felt so relaxed after my session and felt a considerable increased blood flow into my shoulder region. I highly recommend Lissy. She has definitely found her talent in a career of massage therapy.


Lissy is a pro. She is serious about her craft. I probably carry more tension and stress in my muscles than I'd care to admit and should certainly increase the frequency of my visits to Lissy. I always leave her practice feeling relaxed and limber. Highly recommend!


Lissy is my go to RMT because she is amazing!! She is so passionate and such expert in her field. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!


Lissy is fantastic !! I had been experiencing a lot of pain in my shoulders and back for more than a month. I took an appointment with her and within 40 minutes not only did my pain go away but also my flexibility of the shoulder increased.

She also suggested a list of exercises on email that I should do to keep the pain away and also increase my flexibility.

Also, she was very precise and took all necessary precautions to ensure Covid related guidelines were followed


Lissy is awesome at what she does, she always listens to my concerns and puts together a massage that works on pain points but I always leave feeling relaxed.

I recommended Lissy to a friend of mine who is autistic and had terrible back pain. She was uncomfortable with RMT although know it would be hugely beneficial to her. After introducing them, Lissy answered many questions prior to an appointment even being made. After feeling reassured my friend made an appointment and later told me, it was the best RMT she had ever had. Not only did she leave feeling better physically, with a ton of advice on things she could work on independently, she also had a really great experience. Thanks Lissy for being so awesome!


Lissy is a great RMT! She is knowledgeable, skilled and has a warm, welcoming personality. I am a Kinesiologist that works in the field of Active Rehabilitation and appreciate Lissy's capacity to discuss my specific needs and develop a treatment plans in a collaborative way that involves my input. Lissy is adaptable and able to smoothly transition between a gentle touch and deeper pressure / tissue almost intuitively, which is greatly appreciated!


Lissy is absolutely amazing! She is friendly and really takes the time to listen and learn about you to give you the best treatment and massage. She is caring and checks in on you regularly between treatments. I highly recommend her for all of your massage therapy needs for injuries, car accidents or general health and wellness.


Lissy is a true professional. She gets me sorted out whenever one of my various issues flares up.
She will assess you, determine what needs to be done, and treat you, both professionally and personably. Highly recommend her and, in fact I refer her to people regularly.


Lissy is amazing. I highly recommend her. It was sixty minutes of pure relaxation. Working on the computer all day, my back is a mess. She helped me relieve my pain and generally move better! Do yourself a favour and book an appointment with her!


I am now 2 massages in, and eagerly awaiting my next with Lissy! Quality service, and her clinic has implemented all of the extra measures we want right now to feel safe and secure during Covid19.


I use Lissy in two capacities - she is my personal RMT and does an amazing job. I also send a lot of my patients to her for massage. She does an amazing job on neck and shoulder pain. Her treatments are very effective.


Lissy is a great RMT! She's able to dig deep and release those knots! As a Physio who works with other RMT's I highly recommend her!


Sports, training, business tension, whatever. just go to lissy and she will fix it.


I have been looking for someone that could deliver an amazing massage. You are absolutely fantastic, knowing exactly what I need. Thank you!

Alexis A

After years of going to massage, Lissy has been one of the best experiences. She cares about her patient’s wellbeing. I’m a tough nut due to many car accident injuries and her deep tissue massage is so awesome. I’m so grateful.

NorthWild Leadership

After years of going to massage, Lissy has been one of the best experiences. She cares about her patient’s wellbeing. I’m a tough nut due to many car accident injuries and her deep tissue massage is so awesome. I’m so grateful.

Kalina M